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Help with Email

  1. Aug 15, 2006 #1
    Help with Email!!!

    i have 2 email addresses, and i want to change my email address from my hotmail to my gmail address but its saying that it is already in use, wehn it is not!!:surprised :surprised please help
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    Maybe you did resgister an account the gmail address sometime in the past and now you didn't remmeber it.
    Or, another possibility is that someone may have used it to resgister their account. But if this happened, I wondered how they could activate their account...
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    i havent sighned up with any other acounts, but i think orriginaly it was this, so can some senir staff member please change my email to my gmail (my username at gmail.com)
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    You had a previous account with the name 'tar.torturer.' I deleted that account and all its posts (if any), and reset star.torturer's email address.

    - Warren
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    thanks LOL, yeah i remember now
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