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Homework Help: Help with Final Exam

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    Hey whats up guys...
    Ok i have a calculus final that covers limits, derivatives, and applications of differentiation. Can you give me any pointers or tips on what i should focus on most. Im allowed a sheet of notes, so far i put all the limit laws, and the differentiation rules on it. what else should i really study? any input would be great. thanks.
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    nobody has any suggestions?
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    Calculus is used so extensively in physics, it's hard for me to think what you should focus on. Profs will generally NOT like to ask questions like "find the derivative of this function" on a final; that's good fodder for a 15-min quiz or a midterm but on a final they want something that tests for deeper stuff. So I'd say focus on the applications part; such questions are usually very popular. Applications means either to other parts of science (physics, bio, econ, whatever your course is focused for) and maths, ie "find the global max/min of this function, and sketch a graph showing all of the function's relevant characteristics"

    Edit: Oh, and if you're in a subject where you'll be encountering lots more calculus (math, physics, chem) learn those differentiation rules as quickly as you can, unless you want to be putting them on formula sheets for every exam from now on.
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    great, thanks alot.
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