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Homework Help: Help with finding enthalpy

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    Vapour pressure of a liquid in the temperature range of 200Kto 260K is given by this expression

    ln (p/Torr) = 16.255 - 2501.8(T/K)

    Calculate the enthaly of vaporization of hte liquid

    since this is the liquid vapour boundary

    [tex] p = p^* e^-\chi [/tex]

    and [tex] \chi = \frac{\Delta H}{R} (1/T - 1/T^*) [/tex]

    so then the ratio of Ln p to ln p* would yield the expression for chi which i cna then solve for delta H but it doesnt yield that same answer

    what am i doing wrog here can you push (or shove) me iin the right direction

    i have an exam today thus i need to answer this once and for all

    thank you for help!
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    Andrew Mason

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    First of all it is important to get the question right if you want people to help you. Your expression is unintelligible as it is. The expression must be:

    [tex]ln(P) = 16.255 - \frac{2501.8}{T}[/tex] where P is the ambient pressure in Torr (mm/hg) and T is in Kelvins. Now it makes sense.

    The expression for vapour pressure is given by:

    [tex]ln(P) = constant - \frac{\Delta H_{vap}}{RT}[/tex] where [itex]\Delta H_{vap}[/itex] is the Heat or Enthalpy of vaporization in J/mol.

    From the expression for this gas, it is apparent that:
    [tex]\frac{\Delta H_{vap}}{R} = 2501.8[/tex]

    [tex]\Delta H_{vap} = 20801.1 \text{ J/mol.}[/tex]

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