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Homework Help: Help with Forces (N)

  1. Nov 19, 2008 #1
    Is there any like websites that have pretty good diagrams and explanations of how to go about Force problems. Problems containing Net forces, Friction, etc. I am just really lost because our physics teacher (who already is a bad teacher) left for 2 weeks since he had a baby right when we were about to begin a new chapter, and left us with some random sub who took a class of physics in college but doesnt really know anything. Therefore he just goes through powerpoints not explaining anything.

    I figured out for the most part how to do like

    Net force = Mass * Acceleration

    W= Mass * gravity

    i know how to do something pulled at an angle like

    Fg *cos(beta)
    or fg *sin(beta)

    I basiclly get lost when friction is thrown into the mix ( like static and kinetic ) and objects on an incline.
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