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Help with forces

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    ~~~~~~~FORCES!~~~~~~~~~help me PLEASSSSEEEE

    Two books are stacked on top of each other on a level table. The mass of the upperbook is greater than the mass of the lower book. I wanna draw a free body diagram for each book. What forces are acting on the upper book and lower book?

    I also have to rank all of the forces shown in the free body diagram i draw in order from largest to smallest. IF any of the forces have equal magnitude, iim suppose to indicate that explicitly. explain?
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    &Static\ equilibrium:\\
    &Mass\ m_2:\\
    &Mass\ m_1:\\
    &F_{m_1(table)}= W_1+ W_2\\
    &F_{m_1(table)}= W_1+ W_2>W_2=Fm_1m_2=Fm_2m_1>W_1\\

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