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Homework Help: Help with fortran

  1. Feb 20, 2006 #1
    help with fortran plz

    i'm new with programming and i have a problem with a homework i've been assigned from university. it's quite a simple programm but i'm stuck and going crazy:surprised . can anyone plz help. there seems to be a problem with the random function. but i couldn't fix it. i'm using silverfrost ftn95 plato3 ide compiler. the scope of this programm is to calculate the mean value of a sum of random numbers and as a seed is used a default number. i have attached to this post a pic of what the problem appears to be. take a look plz and help me if you can. going crazy

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  3. Feb 20, 2006 #2

    * Learn to use comment cards (yes I am that old ;), while it may seem pointless with simple programs it will be of great value in the future (in particular to those looking at your code).
    * What happens if the user inputs 5 for N ? You need some error trapping, (i.e. you need to tell them they goofed since N must be between 10 and 100000 and re-request the value of N).
    * Is there really a need for a vector (M) and 2 do loops in this program ?
    * Since you have declared "Implicit none" how does the compiler to know
    (i.e. how do you tell it) that random is a REAL function ?
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