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Help with free- body diagram with pulley

  1. Oct 19, 2003 #1
    A 5 kg block and block X are attached to a rope which passes over a pulley. A 30 N force is applied horizontally to the 5 kg block, keeping it in contact with a rough vertical space. The coefficients of static is .3 and the coefficinents kinetic is .3. The pulley is light and frictionless.

    The mass of block x is set at 5.6 kg. The system is at rest. Determine the direction of the friction force acting on the 5 kg block.

    I will put my diagram on a reply

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    Here is my diagram: Please tell me if I left out any contact force and friction. Thx

    I made a mistake with the friction by putting it on the left; it should be upwards.

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