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Help with friction

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    i really need some one to explain to me how to obtain the cofficant of friction in a cerntipidal force question:
    a car of some waight is turning at and the radious of the curve is somehitg there is an incline to the cruve wat is the min and max cofficant of firction? how would you do that i am so lost plz help
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    You'll start this one the same way you'd start a problem with more specific information - by doing the free body diagram. Your "inclined plane" will be the surface of the road, inclined at some angle. Put in all of the forces involved, pick a convenient set of coordinate axes, and resolve the forces as necessary. This really isn't any harder than if you were given numbers with which to work - it just looks that way because you're more comfortable with "9.8" than you are with "g". Painful as the process is, it's something you need to get over. Things like this will help.
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