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Help with gfortran on mac

  1. Apr 18, 2013 #1
    I just downloaded gfortran on my mac and I'm having an issue running the program.
    For example, when I run the following using .f90,

    program test
    write (*,*) "Hello"
    end program test

    the computer, seemingly infinitely, spews out y's:
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    This is a guess, but it once caught me out on a Unix system, and the Mac OS is basically unix plus a lot of advertising hype :smile:

    There is a unix command called "test" (in fact several different commands all called "test", depending what shell you are running etc). So you might not be running your program at all!

    Try renaming it "mytest" or whatever.
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    AlephZero's guess is a very solid one.

    Up to my experience every programmer working on *nix-style systems sooner or later runs into this, so
    "Welcome to the club, Nikolaus!" :smile:
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