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  1. I have been looking to see where the Pineal Gland is in the Brain.
    So I read a lot on the Net and looked at a lot of photos.

    I know it is behind the Thalamus in the Center of the Brain.

    But then I read it is inside the Corpus Callosum.

    So am I right it is right behind the Thalamus and right befor the Body Of Fornix?
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  3. inside? dont you mean below?
  4. Thanks But

    Sorry I sould have asked like this.

    The Back of both Hippocampi turns up and comes togather to for the Body Of Fornix.

    And the Body Of Fornix goes over the Top of the Thalamus.

    Now Right behind the Thalamus is the Pienal Gland.

    So am I right that the Pienal Gland is behind the Thalamus and before the Body Of Forin?

  5. You should try to download a copy of the sylvius interactive neuro atlas. It gives you 3D anatomy and neuropathways. It's a lot better than the text explanations here.
  6. But is my last post right?
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