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Help with GPA

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    The question is I have to convert my scores to GPA system. But first I have to know how you calculate the GPA number over a scale of 4.

    I'm figuring it out as:

    [tex] GPA=\frac{4}{10}\frac{\sum n_i Q_i}{\sum n_i} [/tex]

    where n=credits of the course (here 1 credit=10 hours attended)
    Q=score. Here the scores go from 0 to 10, so I have to multiply by 4/10.

    Is it correct?

    How do you calculate it?

    What kind of score scale do you have in USA, I mean, instead of 0 to 10?
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    Take the % out of 100 that you got in the course and divide it by 25. That should be your GPA out of four. If you have 4/10 that equals 40% for example.

    Then I'd take all your courses and if they are worth two credits instead of one just calculate the GPA twice and add both to the total when calculating average - divide by the extra instance.

    These are my assumptions. Someone else would be able to more easily tell you. Your way might be correct also but I'm in a rush. If the end result is the same both our methods probably work.
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    I think your conversion is accurate. But, a lot of schools have honors courses where a B in an honors course is equivalent to an A in a regular course (in other words, their max score is 5 instead of 4). Usually, you have a handful of students who have a GPA higher than 4.
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    Thanks Dooga Blackrazor. I'll try it and see what happens.

    Thanks BobG. That's true. Here there are courses with equal number of credits, and God knows a high score in one has nothing to do with a high score in other, because they have different difficulty.

    Anyway, I'm afraid, I don't know if I'm calculating it right, because the number I obtain is a bit low (I'm not going to say how much low :uhh: ). But my scores are above the mean here. So it happens something with the conversion.
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