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Help With Higher IB Physics

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    Hello all.

    Does anyone know any good sites which outline physics principals and equations? I used to use www.physics.uq.edu.au:8001/ph128/contents.html,[/URL] but it seems that it has been shut down. I really liked the site, since it was comprehensive, and had a huge ammount of information, from middle school to college.
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    i don't think they shut down. they just changed the port their http deamon was running on. try this
    is that what you were looking for?
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    I'm in the IB program too and taking physics; where do you live (country or state). Is IB physics really hard (I'm starting as a junior tomorrow). Thanks!
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    haha there's no way i'm taking physics at higher, my teacher is deluded however and keeps telling me i will, check out


    these people can help, a solution to every problem
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    "IBscrewed" i love the name! I am in pre IB at the moment and will be taking physics high level (if my school offers it. my science teachers say they will being offering it by the time i can take it *crosses fingers*). I live in Colorado.
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    Thanks *so* much for finding that for me hbar!!!

    Im finding physics at a higher level challenging, especially since im not taking IB higher mathmatics (which is probably one of the hardest high school classes there is.)

    I live in Hong Kong, and I decided to take the IB program after graduating from the GCSE program (grades 9-10), so technically and legally I would not have to go to school anymore if I was in the USA, which is 2 years earlier than in an american public school.

    Im not sure what material is studied in the first 2 years of high school in american public schools, but the higher physics course is designed to be challenging, which it should be.
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    Debaser, which form are you in in HK ?
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