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Help with homework

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    Ok. I'm talking with my girlfriend right now and her little boy is having problems with his homework. I can't figure it out and remembed this site being posted at at sitepointforums.com so I was hoping someone here could help. The homework consists of doing a crossword puzzle. She was able to help him with all of it, but one question. That question is:
    when you sit in a chair, it excerts-------------against you.

    It is supposed to be something from Newton's Second Law, and is 11 characters and the 6th character should be an L.

    If anyone can lend a helping hand, I would be extremely greatful and I'm sure she will be too. I hope this type of post is ok. Thank you anyone for their knowledge and help.

    Opps, I just saw the homework help section. Can someone move it there? sorry about that. Got so excited I finaly found a place to ask.
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    2 words
    Your body exerts a force on the chair. And we know that F=ma. If there is a force, there should be an acceleration, yet you sit put.
    The chair exerts an equal and opposite force(called the normal force) on the person sitting in the chair.
    Hope this helps besides giving you the answer.
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