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Help with ideas about a project

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    Hello. I am new here so I don't really know where my question belongs. I've already put it in the "homework" section but I dont think it was the right one. Anyway, here's my little problem. I am not an engineer or anything. I am not even in college yet. I am starting my senior year in september and the thing is, I am specialized in mathematics, (which means the most important subjects are math and physics) and I would like to go to an engineering institute. What I would like is to make a project, involving physics for example, (an experiment or anything) that would allow me to be accepted (I have high grades and I hope I have a shot at a good institute). The problem is, I live in Tunisia, so this kind of opportunities are not exactly a dime a dozen in my country, that's why I really need your help. I want ideas abt projects, just ideas to start with cause I really have no clue and I would like to start as soon as possible (like, even tomorrow ). I can manage to have a little help from physics teachers but I have to come up with an idea first. I looked everywhere and I only find little science experiments (too easy, not "creative" enough). I would really appreciate some good ideas, and thank you for your time, I really need you !
    P.S. : english is only my 3rd language, so I apologize for syntax or spelling mistakes.
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