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Help with Indicial Notation!

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    Hi there,

    I am trying to get some practice with indicial notation.
    I am failing as follows, to start with.
    Given a vectorial function $$v_j = a_j e^{i(k_k x_k - \omega t)}$$ of spatial variables $$x_i$$ and time, given a tensor $$K_{ijkl}$$ I want to compute the quantity
    $$K_{2jkl} v_{k,l}$$.
    I get $$K_{2jkl} a_l i k_k e^{i(k_m x_m - \omega t)}$$, while the correct result is
    $$K_{2jkl} k_k a_ l e^{i(k_m x_m - \omega t)}$$.

    Can anybody help?

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