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Help with integration

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    I am told that:
    θ(θ+1)∫xθ(1-x)dx = θ/(θ+2)
    ∫ from x=0 to 1
    Would someone be so kind as to show me how, or give me some tips.

    This is a small part of a solution for a statistical problem I'm trying to understand.
    Thank you ...
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    (x^t)(1-x) = (x^t) - (x^(t+1))
    You know how to integrate (x^t) , i suppose.
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    Staff: Mentor

    In more readable form, and with θ replaced by t, the equation is
    $$ t(t + 1) \int_0^1 x^t(1 - x)dx = \frac{t}{t + 2}$$
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    Thanks JJacquelin! It's the simple stuff that gets me.
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