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Homework Help: Help with Inverse Images

  1. Sep 9, 2008 #1
    http://answerboard.cramster.com/other-topic-5-311900-0.aspx" [Broken]

    I need help getting some ideas for an example of a function.
    Any help, ideas, suggestions, and/or tips are greatly appreciated.
    Thanks for looking at this question!
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    You are sort of muddling up domain and range. If f:A->B then H must be a subset of the range B, right? And if b is an element of B such that there is no a such that f(a)=b you are defining f^(-1)({b})={} (the empty set). Also correct? Then just consider any function that isn't onto. Any one. You pick.
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    thank you

    thanks for the help!
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