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Help with investigation

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    Hi, I'm doin an investigation in physics - magnetism, to be specific - and basically I'm takin 1 or 2 bar magnets, and a hall probe, and placing the magnets at different distances from the probe, and different angles to see the variation in magnetic field strength. However, I need to extend it a lot more than this, and I'm not really sure how. I should do more research but I haven't had much time.

    I was wonderin if anyone could gimme some pointers on what I could do next, or gimme a site with some information on this topic. Thanks a lot.
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    Meir Achuz

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    At large distance from a bar magnet, the field is due to a magnetic diipole.
    It is given by
    [itex]{\bf B}=\frac{[3{\bf (\mu\cdot{\hat r}){\hat r}-\mu}]}
    {r^3}.[/itex], with [itex]\mu=MAL[/itex], all in Gaussian units.
    At small distances (r~L or r^2~A), it is more complicated.
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