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Help with JOVIAL

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    Hi all, I'm asking for any help on the languauge JOVIAL, I have searched high and low for any books on this language but to now avail. Any help would be greatly accepted, thank you.
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    Good Grief ... I didn't know JOVIAL was still around. What does it run on? What company supports it?
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    IIRC it was an acronym for "Jule's Own Version of Algol".

    I don't know who Jule was, or why he made his/her own version.

    But in any case, it probably went past its sell-by date in about 1965.

    Mind you, Algol was way ahead of its time, as a language. Not to mention the old joke about the documentation - to understand exactly what it meant, you had to be able to see the difference between a normal '.' , and a '.' printed in italics...
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    It was actually "Jules (Schwartz's) Own Version of the International Algorithmic Language" (yes, ALGOL) and Jules Schwartz was a brilliant programmer but maybe not all that great at marketing. JOVIAL was a somewhat more practical version of ALGOL and was used by the military for a while.
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    It is a very old thought to be buried language, however the military still use it today......so trying to find as much info as possible.
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    Good grief. Does the military still use Ada as well?

    Anyway, if they still use it surely somebody in the military can point you to some manuals, or are they using dog-eared hardcopy from the 1960's ?
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