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Help with light physics?

  1. Feb 11, 2014 #1
    -Im kinda bad with physics and just thought any help with understanding this is great

    So I just read on the internet a little bit about light, and as far as I have learnt, light is made of photons, and photons demonstrate qualities of both particles and waves. Whilst apparently they have no mass, because they are particles does this mean that technically if we could somehow group them that we could make "solid light"? Also, after reading about constructive interference (just a little bit), I was just wondering if we shined, say 1000 torches, arranged in a semisphere, at one single point, does that mean that at that point all the light waves converge and make that area brighter than the surrounding area? And since photons demonstrate qualities of a particle, does that mean that in this area there is a "denser" form of light?
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    hi springbottom! welcome to pf! :smile:
    neutrinos do have mass, but we can't still make anything "solid" out of them, since they don't interact enough with each other, or with anything else

    light interacts more strongly than neutrinos (because, unlike neutrinos, light "feels" the electromagnetic interaction), so we can clump light together into laser pulses …

    that's about as good as it gets​

    (but they're not stationary there, they're just passing through)
    i suppose so …

    but what good does it do?
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    i guess there is no way to make like say a car from really dense light huh

    or am I just being really dense


    nahh im just like have very little knowledge with this kind of stuff and I was just thinking that if like THEORETICALLY if you made a car from light and you rode it, then if you moved ANY PART OF YOUR BODY like a fraction then wouldn't it mean that you are going faster than the speed of light? After trying to explain this to some of my friends they end up laughing at me(which i can understand) something about "speed of light is relative to you?" and "if you are going at the speed of light, nothing works any more?" Just wondering, what WOULD happen if you had like MANY MANY MANY MANY energy and you went at the speed of light? Because only light can go at the speed of light (lel) that means, would you..... BECOME LIGHT? I asked around, but apparently you would become a body of infinite mass or something (black hole)

    help pls
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    hi springbottom! :smile:
    your friends are correct, if the object "made of light" is moving at the speed of light, then you can't keep up with it

    if you can persuade the light to move in a circle … for example, a laser pulse in a circular tube … then of course you can ride with it, but really you'll just be riding on the tube! :wink:
    you can't

    no matter how much energy you add, you can never quite get to the speed of light
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