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Homework Help: Help with light, wavelength, and photons

  1. Oct 21, 2005 #1
    I need help with parts of this question.
    6. The red light emitted from a Helium-Neon LASER has an energy of 3.15 x 10^-19 J.
    a. At what speed do "red photons travel? I need help with this one.

    B. calculate the wavelength of these photons.
    I got 6.31424 x 10^-7m. Is this correct.

    c. comment on the speeds of the photons from the LASER versus the X-ray photons. I need help with this one.

    I am trying to study for a quiz and really need help.

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    If you show us what you have tried so far (work) and where you are getting stuck, we can point you in a successful direction.
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    I don't know how to do a and c, but I got the answer to b. IS b correct?
    and can you help with a and c. Thanks
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    We can't tell you if (b) is correct, unless you show how you got that number.

    As for (a) and (c), you have to show some effort. What are your thoughts ?
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