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Help with magnetism

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A wire 36m long carries a current of 22 A from east to west. If the maximum magnetic force on the wire at this point is downward (toward the Earth) and has a magnitude of 4.0E-2N, find the magnitude and direction of the magnetic field at this location.

I have no clue where to start. What does force have to do with it, the given force, I know you're trying to find force.

What makes you think you're supposed to find a force?
well it says find the magnitude and its location, magnetic fields have forces of magnetism
hence "magnetic force on the wire at this point is downward (toward the Earth) and has a magnitude of 4.0E-2N"

"magnetic fields have forces of magnetism"

Not really! You need something besides a magnetic field to have a force. What is it?
the Force is related to the current and the B field by:
L is the length of the wire
I is the currect
B is the B field

the bold letter means vector in my notation...
thanks i got it now
jdavel, your not helping, your complicating the situation, i know what im talking about more then you obviously cause you had no clue where start you just interrogated me

Sorry. I was just trying to get you to think about how to solve the problem for yourself. Fortunately for you vincentchan made that unnecesary by handing you the answer.

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