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Help with maple

  1. Feb 4, 2008 #1
    Help with printing a string

    I have a theoretical plot for the fresnel diffration pattern, however i want maple to show the values plotted on the x and y cordinates. How do i do this. Please explain in simple terms

    heres my code

    > fresdi:= proc(a,b) (FresnelC(a) - FresnelC(b))^2 + (FresnelS(a) - FresnelS(b))^2 end;
    fresdi := proc(a, b)
    (FresnelC(a) - FresnelC(b))^2 + (FresnelS(a) - FresnelS(b))^2
    end proc;

    > v:=1.48;
    v := 1.48

    > umin:=-6; umax:=6;
    umin := -6
    umax := 6

    > plot( fresdi(u-(v/2),u+(v/2)), u=umin..umax,title=cat(`Fresnel diffraction from slits of width v=`,
    > convert(v,string)), axes=boxed, labels=[`Distance across diffraction plane, u`,`I(u)`]);

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