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Help with math coursework!

  1. Oct 24, 2009 #1

    I'm in 11th grade and I am working on a coursework peice where i'm investigating whether the beats per minute (bpm) of a song affects heart rate and have all the results. my problem is that I'm not sure what math i can do with the data. I have so far worked out the R2 coefficient and the chi-squared test but am unsure what else i could do with the data.

    These are the results that I got are attached:

    I'd appreciate any advice on what math I could do as I'm really struggling with this and since we're out of school for a few weeks (it's due when we get back) I can't ask my teacher.


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    Interesting study! A few things I notice...

    I'm not sure what a quatratic fit is telling you. Even a linear fit dosen't tell you much here.

    While comparing your tabulated data with your graphs, it becomes apparent that your graph can be missleading. You have many datapoints that are sitting on top of oneanother and appear to be a single data point.

    Were you able to vary only the parameter of BPM? Other things might be a factor that should have been controlls such as volume and type of music. For instance, In your data, I notice a large drop in heartrate accross all your data for the 110 bpm run. Was this a fast, but calming song?
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    Thanks for the reply,

    yeah i wasn't sure how to make it so the graph points wouldn't overlap....do you have any ideas on how to change this? I'm useless with computers lol

    Yeah I only varied the BPM, the volume was the same and they were all sitting the same distance from the speakers and everything, and the type of music was the same which make the 110 results pretty odd the only difference in the song is that the beats were quicker but other than that the same rythm and everything as the others only faster as the bpm rose.....not really sure why they dropped there to be honest.
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