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Help with Mathematica

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    Hello, I need help with Mathematica. I want to plot a graph of y=sin x, but on the x-axis, I want pi, 2pi, 3pi, etc and not 2, 4, 6, etc. How can I change this? and also how can I change the scale for any graphs? For example, if I currently plot y=e^x, I get a big range for the y-axis (4000), how can I alter this?? Thank you
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    For changing the tick marks for the axis use the Ticks option:
    Code (Text):
    Plot[Sin[x], {x, -2 Pi, 2 Pi}, Ticks -> {{-2 Pi, -Pi, 0, Pi, 2 Pi}, {-1, 0, 1}}]
    For changing the range use the PlotRange option:
    Code (Text):
    Plot[E^x, {x, -10, 10}, PlotRange -> {0, 20}]
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    oh thank you so much Moo of Doom. Do you know how to use LaTeX with mathematica? I'm having an error when I try to insert a mathematica file, with an extension .eps in LaTeX. This is because program is not finding a .eps file, or it is not recognizing it. Any ideas?
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    You're welcome.

    Nope, sorry. I have no experience with using [itex]\LaTeX[/itex] with Mathematica. Hopefully someone else here can help you with that problem. Good luck.
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    Also, if I want to plot a graph of Ln x, I'm inserting Plot[Log[|x|],{x,-3,3}] and I'm having errors, what shall I use then? Thank you so much
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    Abs[x] instead of |x|.
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    Oh yes it worked! I've written Plot[{{Log[Abs[x]]} etc but the only problem is that the x and y-axis do not intersect. the graph is starting from x=1 onwards. Why is that and how can I alter it. Moreover how can I draw the asymptote on x=1 if for example I have to plot Log[x-1]
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    Can I do transformations with Mathematica??

    :cry::cry: Can anyone here help me? I want to draw two vectors on mathematica, namely (1,0) and (0,1), the i and j vectors and want to make some transformations on them, like for example reflections with x-axis, with y=x, etc. How can I do this?? I need urgent help here. Please help me!!!
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    I don't think there is any Mathematica version that will show you anything but errors. You will have to specify at least the domain, and here Plot[Log[Abs[x]], {x, -1, 1}] just works fine.

    You can apply transformation matrices to vectors, like this
    {{1,0},{0,-1}} . {a, b}
    returns the vector {a,b} mirrored in the x-axis, etc. You can use e.g. ListPlot to plot them and add some labels.
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