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Help with MatLab plot

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    Hi all,

    I'm working on a simulation for some misurement with a Thomson spectrometer and I'm having some issue with the plot layout.
    In x and y axis I have magnetic and electric deflection and I have other two axis on top and right giving momentum and energy info.
    I am not able to write the secondary tick label in the proper way: as defoult MatLab writes tick label as integer and a (x10^-12) at the end of the label but on the bottom of the screen. If I use:
    Code (Text):

    set(gca, 'YTickLabel', num2str(get(gca,'YTick')','%d'))

    it writes the tick label as "6.00000e^12" and I have some overlaps.

    Moreover if I make the plot window bigger the secondary axes don't resize properly.
    Last the plot title is written too high...

    Could somebody help me in fixing this bugs?

    P.S.: I have attached two images with a screenshot and a jpg made by MatLab and the code I use for plot

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