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Homework Help: Help with motion question?

  1. Jun 23, 2015 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    A cops and robbers chase is set up as follows

    1. Both the police car and the robber's can start from rest
    2. The robbers have 1 km head start
    3. The robber's van accelerate at 0.50 m/s
    4. The police car accelerate at 0.60 m/s

    Use famous 5 equations to answer the following
    A. When will the speed of the cop car and the robber van be the same
    B. When will the cops catch the robbers ?

    Can someone please give an idea how to approach this answer. This would be very helpful if someone tell m ethe answer!!
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    You know that when they meet, the distance covered by the robber = the distance covered by the cops + 1000 metres, and the time at this point is equal for both.
    You could say that :
    ( Based on the classic equation : s = ( u * t ) + ( ½ * a * t² ) )
    ½ * 0.6 * t² = ( ½ * 0.5 * t² ) + 1000
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    Dean, yet again you give too much help in one go. It would have been fine without that last line. Please stop doing this.
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