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Help with movable joint parts

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    I want to make a simple slider crank mechanism. I don't know what type of bolts or whatever is used for movable arms. I've heard online so far that using a carage bolt and nylon lock nut will work, but I bet there's probably other ways to make a movable joint. Something more secure. I'm sure they don't use Nylon lock nuts with carriage bolts with robotic arms. I want to make a shaker. It's not for school if you can clearly see by my DOB, and profile image.

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    you might want to look into "Shoulder bolts" to start with.. they're hardened and ground to precise tolerances

    otherwise, depending on if you're doubling up some of the arms, you can use a sleeve over a carriage bolt with washers on each side.. for nuts, Nylon locking nuts are a good start, but perhaps castle nuts with cotter pins or 'stover nuts' which are specifically designed for heavy shock and vibration loads.
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    Excellent, thanks for help Rx7. Much appreciated.
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