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Help with my exam

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Yes I need help with my exam, my teacher gave us one day form making it and it guves us all the options we can have. So that is way I am asking for help.
spring makes 12 vibrations in 3 seconds.
.Find the period T.
a)1/3 sec. b) 1/4 sec. c) 1/5 sec. d) 1/6 sec.
2.Find the frequency.
a)1/ sec. b) 2/ sec. c) 3/ sec. d) 4/ sec.

A 4 lb steel block vibrates in a simple harmonic motion with amplitude r = 9 in. and period T = 3 sec.
3.Find the frequency.
a)1 vib./sec. b) 1/2 vib./sec. c) 1/3 vib./sec. d) 1/4 vib./sec.
4.Find maximum speed.
a)1.57 ft/sec b) 1.47 ft/sec c) 1.67 ft/sec d) 2 ft/sec
5.Find maximum acceleration.
a)1.29 ft/sec2 b) 2.29 ft/sec2 c) 3.29 ft/sec2 d) 4.29 ft/sec2
6.Find the maximum resorting force acting on it.
a)-1.41 lb b) 0.41 lb c) 1.41 lb d) 2.41 lb
7.Find the maximum kinetic energy.
a)0.124 ft-lb b) 0.134 ft-lb c) 0.144 ft-lb d) 0.154 ft-lb
8.Find the maximum potential energy.
a)0.144 ft-lb b) 0.154 ft-lb c) 0.124 ft-lb d) 0.134 ft-lb
9.Find the total energy of the vibrating block at any position.
a)0.154 ft-lb b) 1.154 ft-lb c) -0.154 ft-lb d) -1.154 ft-lb

A 5 lb body is suspended by a long and light spiral spring. An added force of 2 lb stretches the spring 4 in.
10.Find the force constant K of the spring.
a)3 ft/lb b) 4 ft/lb c) 5 ft/lb d) 6 ft/lb
11.Find the period of vibration of the 5 lb body of pulled down a little and then released.
a)1 sec b) 1.01 sec c) 1.02 sec d) 1.03 sec

A long flat steel spring is clamped at lower end and a 2 kg ball is fastened at the top end. A force of 8 newtons is required to displace the ball 20 cm side to side.
12.Find the force constant K of the spring.
a)20 newtons/meter b) 25 newtons/meter c) 30 newtons/meter d) 40 newtons/meter
13.Find the period of vibration of the 2 kg ball when pulled a little to one side and then released. Assume the ball is executing simple harmonic motion.
a)2.40 sec b) .40 sec c) 1.40 sec d) 1.50 sec

A certain weight when hung on a long and light spiral spring stretches it 6 in.
14.Find period of vibration if pulled down a little and then released.
a)0.79 sec b) 0.89 sec c) 0.99 sec d) 1 sec

A 40lb electric motor is mounted on four springs, each having spring constant of 5 lb/in.
15.Find period of the motor when it vibrates vertically.
a)0.06 sec b) 0.16 sec c) 0.17 sec d) 0.26 sec
16.Compute the acceleration due to gravity at a place where a simple pendulum, 150 cm long, makes 100 vibrations in 246 sec.
a)3.79 m/sec b) 6.79 m/sec c) 9.79 m/sec d) 12.79 m/sec

A yard stick vibrates as a compound pendulum about a horizontal axis through the 6 inch mark.
17.Find the period of oscilation.
a)3 ft b) 3.5 ft c) 4 ft d) 4.5 ft
18.What is the length of the equivalent simple pendulum?
a)1.55 ft b) 1.6 ft c) 1.65 ft d) 1.75 ft

A pendulum makes 90 vibrations in 1 min.
19.Determine the period.
a)0.57 sec b) 0.67 sec c) 0.77 sec d) 0.87 sec
20.Find the frequency.
a)1.5/sec b) 1.6/sec c) 1.7/sec d) 1.8/sec

A coiled spring is stretched 4 in. by a load of 3 lb. An 8 lb body is attached to the spring and set into vibration with an amplitude of 5 in.
21.Find the force constant of spring.
a)6 lb/ft b) 7 lb/ft c) 8 lb/ft d) 9 lb/ft
22.Find the maximum resorting force acting on the vibrating body.
a)12/4 lb b) 15/4 lb c) 18/4 lb d) 21/4 lb
23.Find the period of vibration.
a)pi/2 sec b) pi/3 sec c) pi/4 sec d) pi/5 sec
24.Find the maximum speed of the vibrating body.
a)4/2 ft/sec b) 5/2 ft/sec c) 7/2 ft/sec d) 2/5 ft/sec
25.Find the maximum acceleration of the vibrating body.
a)16 ft/sec2 b) 15 ft/sec*2* c) 14 ft/sec2 d) 13 ft/sec2
26.Find the speed when the displacement is 4 in.
a)2/3 ft/sec b) 3/2 ft/sec c) 4/3 ft/sec d) 5/2 ft/sec
27.Find the acceleration when the displacement is 4 in.
a)12 ft/sec2 b) 13 ft/sec2 c) 14 ft/sec2 d) 15 ft/sec2

A 2.5 kg mass executes simple harmonic motion, making 3 vibrations per sec.
28.Compute the acceleration of the vibrating body.
a)1.6pi2 m/sec b)1.7pi2 m/sec c) 1.8pi2 m/sec d) 1.9pi2 m/sec
29.Find the resorting force acting on the body when displaced 5 cm from the center of its path.
a)4.3pi2 nt b) 4.35pi2 nt c) 4.45pi2 nt d) 4.5pi2 nt

30.What is the period of a vibrating particle which has an acceleration of 4 ft/sec2 when its displacement is 3 inches?
a)1.55 sec b) 1.556 sec c) 1.56 sec d) 1.57 sec
None of us are going to give you the answers. Show you're work and we'll see where you make your mistakes.

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