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Help with my Statement of Purpose!

  1. Dec 12, 2012 #1
    Hello guys,great to hang around in these forums:smile:

    I've been really wondering about the content of my statement of purpose/statement essay.I'll be applying to grad schools soon either for nuclear or some specialization areas in mechanical.Although I'm from a Civil engineering background,I was wondering how I could prove in my statement of purpose my inclination for the mechanical sciences.
    Well for what it's worth-should I mention about how I self learnt various advanced mathematical topics purely because I found it delightful to apply it to various engineering fields?
    I mean,I completely appreciate the truthfulness with which mathematics describes any physical situation,but will this be enough for proving that I am indeed capable and willing to take up a graduate program in a mechanical engineering department.
    Let's say for example-Fluid mechanics and fluid flow.Fluid flows can be represented by vector fields and hence all corresponding operations in vector calculus would correspond to some related property of fluid flow.Now If I were to mention something like this in my statement essay,would it come across to the admissions committee as a genuine interest in mechanical or an interest in mathematics.I mean,I love maths only when it can be applied to physical situations and the last thing I need is for the committee to shun me off as an engineering phony and send a letter back asking me to apply for a mathematics program.
    I worry so because I've come across n no. of essays from really good graduate schools where the high GPA admitted student keeps mentioning about how he has developed interest in refrigeration(and all essays without any appreciation for the fundamental/maths) or something and about how he would love to work in it etc-especially guys from India(Don't worry I'm Indian as well).Are these the sort of macroscopic interests departments look for?In fact after reading all those essays I'm seriously starting to doubt that any fellow student in the program would be willing to go a step further than a single integration to understand the topic better.
    Please let me know what you guys think or if I've majorly misunderstood something.
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