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Help with nitromethane

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    Hey guys. Im new to the forum and am not a physicist or engineer. I have an RC model car and im wondering how I can get the exhaust to produce flames. the engine is a .28 cu in (4.6cc) 2-stroke, no spark plug it uses a glow plug, it runs on a fuel mix of 20% nitro, around 16% oil and the rest methanol, normal engine temps are around 250 degrees celsius. If you need more info just ask.

    could it be that exhaust temps are not high enough to re combust unburned fuel? or the type of fuel?

    Any help will be appreciated, cheers.
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    You need a spark or glow plug (that can be switched on/off) in the exhaust pipe.
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    No I don't think this is it either because I tried applying a naked flame from a lighter directly to the exhaust outlet, I did this and tried from the bottom to the top of the rev range and still nada! any other Ideas?
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