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Homework Help: Help with optimal solution

  1. Jul 31, 2007 #1
    Hi Guys

    Can someone please explain what optimal solution is. I am a computing student and have to study algorithms.

    I have done some research and i have the following information but i still dont know what op is. If anyone can explain what it is and were an example of a OP such as the travling salesmen or Suduko. :confused::confused:

    Heres what i have at the moment

    Optimal solution: In the context of the Optimizer, the optimal solution is the one with the lowest cost or highest return from among the set of scenarios analyzed by the Optimizer. Optimal solution which only uses a minimum possible number of moves.
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    Optimal just means best. So the optimal solution would usually be the fastest or the one that produces the most accurate answer, although it could also be the solution which uses least memory or some other ocnsideration.

    If you want to know the optimal solution to the travelling salesman problem thats a bit trickier.
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    This is a good working definition. To better understand what an optimal solution is, look up the difference between a heuristic and an optimal solution.
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