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Help with physics project

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    Desert Island Rescue Problem

    You are the crew of cargo plane carrying goods for PB
    plc, a large industrial wholesale company. Whilst
    travelling through a storm your plane is forced to make
    a crash landing on a small isolated island. Most of the
    equipment on the plane has been damaged by the
    landing and only a few rudimentary components
    remain useable. Air traffic control knows you are
    missing but does not know where you are. You
    therefore need to build some kind of rescue beacon.
    [Students are provided with a list of equipment
    salvaged from the plane. The list includes two rescue
    beacons but no power sources.]

    First Stage Brief
    You begin to explore the island. Your survival
    situation doesn’t seem too bad: there is plenty of fruit
    and seafood to hand and the climate seems balmy
    with a pleasant sea breeze to keep you cool. Water
    was a problem at first but you’ve discovered a type of
    vine which yields fresh water when cut. You’re left
    with the issue of being rescued. How can you attract
    attention? If only you could find a way to power those
    rescue beacons …
    Presentation: Power generation proposals

    Second Stage Brief
    Wind power seems the most viable method of
    powering your beacons. You work on finding out
    whether you can make anything from the salvaged
    materials. Your attempts to keep a fire going on the
    beach are failing due to the damp climate. You begin
    to tire of raw seafood and fruit, but can’t find anything
    else that is palatable.
    Presentation: Designing and Building a Test Device
    for the Beach

    Third Stage Brief
    There is little wind on the beach where you have
    landed, not enough to power either of the beacons. In
    efforts to find alternative sources of food, you attempt
    to scale the mountain to the north. The ascent is too
    difficult to complete with the equipment you had with
    you, but you noticed that the wind was strengthening
    as you climbed. Could the mountain be a good place
    to site your beacons? You return to camp and make
    some rudimentary climbing gear out of the water
    vines. Send a team up the mountain to find out the
    wind strength, while the rest of you work out how your
    ‘beach device’ will perform with a stronger wind.
    Presentation: Preparing for the Mountain

    Fourth Stage Brief
    It’s time to take your beacons up the mountain. The
    ascent will be tough going and you only have the
    energy and ropes to climb up twice. Conditions on the
    summit are such that you can only spend about
    quarter of an hour there at a time. You will have to
    leave your beacons there running unattended day and
    night until you are rescued.
    Demonstration: Do your beacons work?

    Fifth Stage Brief
    Your beacons are running, but sporadically. You
    realize you may have to look for a different and more
    reliable power source if you are to make the most of
    your chances for rescue. But there is good news:
    looking out from the summit of the mountain, you see
    a modest river running to the north. Some freshwater
    fish would be a very welcome change of diet, and it
    looks as if there is a waterfall and pool. A wash would
    be nice, too. Hmm…running water.
    Presentation: Crash Survivors Tell of their struggles
    to Attract Attention

    heres the catch i need to build my generator from specific items that i salvaged from the crash
    Heres the list:
    two rescue beacons(no power source)
    aircraft right horizontal stabilizer
    a piece of plywood that is a piece of the tail
    passenger seats
    life jackets
    food tray
    aircraft tire
    8 pieces of aluminum and fiber
    id card
    flare, and headset
    4.9ft long piece of wing
    fuel spill
    flash light
    sectional air map of the area
    plastic raincoat
    magnetic compass
    compress kit with gauze
    .45 caliber pistol
    bottle of salt tavlets
    1 quart of water per person(2 people)
    pair of sunglasses
    1 top coat per person
    cosmetic mirror

    could u guys help me with a proposal for a power generator enough to generate about 12V for a ELT(Emergency Locater Transmittor)
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