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Homework Help: Help With Problems

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    A little help?

    A cherry blossom is seen falling from a tree. An astronomer with a stop watch times the blossom to fall for 0.25 seconds, how tall is the tree from which it fell?

    Erastosthenes has measured the difference between the shadow at alexandria and syene to be 6.5 degrees, how does this compare to the modern value of the circumference of earth? (which is 7 degrees)

    Jupiter takes 687.0 days to orbit the sun, what is the angular velocity in degrees per day? per hour?

    A 70 kg man is standing on Earth at a height of 2 meters. What is the gravitational force between the man ane earth? how does this compare with the garvitational force between the man and Jupiter?
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    No help until you show what you have done yourself.
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    ahh, ok sorry wasnt sure how it works.. this is not for a class but an survey here at work.. thanks for the reply.
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    Where do you work? An observatory maybe?
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