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Help with pronouncation.

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    Hey PF!, i'm having trouble with figuring out how to pronounce the following lastnames: "Hvroslev" and "Hveem". Can anybody give me a clue?
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    If the names are Danish, H is not pronounced before V or J.
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    I made a mistake is "Hvorslev". I think they are nordic, yes.

    The people with the last names are:

    Francis Hveem who invented the Hveem mix method for asphalt pavement, and J Hvorslev who i know worked with shear stress in cohesive soils.
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    Just another question, anyone has any idea how to pronounce " de Broglie". a simple search in the internet churn up pronunciation such as " de broy " " duh BRO-lee" " de bro glie" and so many other. what is actually the correct pronunciation?

    TheFreeDictionary has it as "brô-gle' " ( something like bro glie )
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    I frequently run into the same problem. It'd be good to have a reference for pronunciation of names. Any ideas?
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    Here it is.

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    Chi Meson

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    If you want to get into the Physics club, you have to say:

    "Loo-ee de Broy"

    as well as "Mahx Plahnk" , "Onree Pwan-karay", James "Clark" Maxwell , Richard "Fine-man" among others.

    The bouncers rough you up pretty bad before tossing you into the back alley. That's after everyone laughs at you.

    It was rough I tell you.

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