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Homework Help: Help with Quantum please

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    Help with Quantum please!!

    If a1=a2=a then show that any linear combination
    (psi)=a1(psi)1 + a2(psi)2, where a1 and a2 re arbitrary complex numbers, is also an eigenstate with th same eigenvalue i.e. show that A(psi)=a(psi)

    Could you please show your full workings I don't know where to start :(. Thanks!!

    Here's what I thought might be right, but i'm not quite sure....

    where A(psi)1=a(psi)1 and A(psi)2=a(psi)2
    <A> = the integral (psi)*(A)(psi)
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    Re: Help with Quantum please!!

    You need to show work in order to get help here. Your "work" doesn't have to be calculations, just something to show that you have spent some independent thought and effort on this problem.

    What concepts apply?

    What formulas or relation do you think you'll need?

    Answer these questions and we'll be able to help you.
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