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Help with quotes

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    I see everyone is quoting away. But when I start a new answer all the quote symbols disappear from the previous answers in the thread. How do i do this?
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    That's for a purpose - we don't want too many nested quotes as way too often people quote everything without paying attention to what they quote. You can insert nested quotes manually, using [noparse][/noparse] tags.
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    How did you "start a new answer"? Did you use the QUOTE button to start your response? Or did you hit NEW REPLY?

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    Click the "quote" buttons instead of "new reply" if you want to reply to a specific post. You can quote multiple posts with the speech bubble "M" next to the quote button.

    Alternatively, the advanced version: Type quote tags manually.
    [/noparse] becomes
    [/noparse] becomes
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