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Help with reading MCNP output

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    Im having some trouble interpreting the MCNP output file, more specificaly table 140 that describes reaction rates.

    The problem of course is that the acctual reaction rates isnt written but rather things like total colissions, collions*weight, weight lost to capture etc.

    How do I convert for instance the weight lost to capture into a acctual reaction rate?

    The information I want to find is the breeding ratio of u-233 from thorium so I want.

    [Th-232(n,gamma)-Pa-233(n, absorbtion)]/U-233(n, absorbtion).

    i.e production rate of u-233 divided by consumption rate of u-233. But I dont have the slighest clue how to figure that out from the table 140 information? I have attached the table.

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    Can't help you for the moment. At the end of May I will follow a course on MCNP, maybe then I'll be able to help :smile:
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    Fortunaly I got some help so its a solved problem :)

    99% of the time spent on my masters thesis so far has only been familiarising myself with different software :( Frustration is starting to run quite high!:yuck:
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    Dear Azael
    Please convey to me what was the answer of your question.
    I also want to know.
    Best Wishes
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