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Help with series?

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    I have an AP Calc BC exam this wednesday, and I know pretty much nothing about series (specifically Taylor/Maclaurin, errors, and some Lagrange thingy). If anyone has taken this exam, can you help me? What do we have to know about those things for the test? Which formulas do we have to know? And, what the hell is Lagrange?
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    You have to know how to expand the Maclaurin series about (x-a) using derivatives, and the common taylor series for sin x, cos x, ln x, e^x, and geometric series. You also need Lagrange error and series convergence and divergence tests, specifically the integral test, p-test, alternating series test, and nth term test. Also population growth and logrithmic growth using differential equations
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    Technically that would be the Taylor series about the point a, a Maclaurin series is specifically a Taylor series abou zero.
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    You might want to look these things up in your textbook.
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    Alright, thanks.

    The series stuff in my textbook is confusing and unorganized, so it doesn't help that much :/.
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    Sorry, I mixed up taylor and mclaurin series
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    I'd be surprised if you could find something better than this online. http://tutorial.math.lamar.edu/AllBrowsers/2414/Seq_Series.asp [Broken]
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