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HELP with shoebox experiment????

i dont know if this is the correct place to ask this question but i remember this experiment a fellow sudent presented, in which you shine a flashlight into a shoebox and it shows the possibility of other dimensions or a parallel universe. i was just wondering the name of this experiment or any other information. thank you for your help and im sorry for my ignorance i may have shown through this post.


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Never apologize for a lack of knowledge. Guys like you are why the rest of us are here. Unfortunately, I cannot, without a lot more clarification, understand what it is that you want answered. I have never heard of a 'shoebox' experiment.
well the project he presented which i faintly remember. he shined a light through slits or a single hole on a shoebox, but i imagine you could use any type of box, and it showed in some way an anomaly that could be interpreted as another dimension or a parallel universe in which someone one is doing the same experiment and that is the cause of the disturbance. again sorry if im way off about all this but this is what i remember the explanation being. if anyone can help me with more info or correct me if im wrong on some detsails. thank you


Sounds similar to a pinhole camera, which creates an inverted image on the film IIRC. Not sure how it would do anything special with a flashlight though...

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Yeah, this is a weird one. I'm wondering if maybe it's a dual-slit demonstration of EM wave interference.
if this is the double slit experiment for particles...maybe you are referring to the multi-verse interpretation of quantum mechanics?

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