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Help with solid state problems

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    I had to pass an exam of solid state but i had some doubts with this problems

    a)let be a pure semiconductor in two dimensions then they ask you for the density of electrons....would you use the formula

    n**2=Nc*Pv*Exp(-Eg/K2T) ?...

    another question is to obtain the density of holes in the valence band..what is the expresion?.

    b)g(e)=g(e1)*g(e2) then *= is + (summed) or X (multiplication)

    c)How varies the density of states with pressure?..will the width of the g(e) increase or decrease?..

    hope someone can help..
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    Tom Mattson

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    Moving to Physics.
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    It might help if you defined the symbols a bit further. What is Pv or Nc..
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