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Help with solving for C please

  1. Sep 7, 2004 #1
    This is the first time ive used this forum and i really could use someones help on how to solve for C in my formula instead of Xc

    My formula is

    Xc = 1 / (2PiFC) "Pi is, pi yea know, 3.14", (not 2 other unknowns)

    Instead of solving for Xc i need to be able to solve for C and i dont know how to go about doing that...

    any sort of help would be appreciated :)

    Also... i looked down the page alilbit and i also need a formula on how to solve for F

    If someone could show me how thats done so i wouldnt have to ask anyone anymore i would be very happy
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    This has been answered several times now! Please do not post the same question more than once!
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