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Homework Help: Help with solving logarhythm problems

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    How would I go about solving a problem like this?

    Given [tex]log_c 3 = 1.875[/tex] and [tex]log_c 2 = 1.214[/tex] evaluate [tex]log_c {\sqrt{12}[/tex]

    What method would I have to use to solve a question like this?
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    How about
    [tex] \log_{c}\sqrt{12}=\log_{c}(12)^{\frac{1}{2}}=\frac{1}{2}\log_{c}12 [/tex]

    Take it from here.
    Use the data & the properties of the "log" function.

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    courtigrad, following the previous advice dextericoby previously gave me... Your post was great, and your approach to the problem was fine. Don't delete your great posts! :smile:
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    [tex] log_c 2 \sqrt 3 = log_c 2 + log_c \sqrt 3 [/tex]

    you know what [tex] log_c 2 [/tex] is

    Thanks a lot for your kind words

    NOTE: should be [tex] \sqrt 3 [/tex] not [tex] \sqrt 2 [/tex] for second part of addition. For some reason it will not let me change it.
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    Start by setting it equal to itself:
    [itex]logarhythm = logarhythm[/itex]

    Take the antilog of both sides:
    [itex]arhythm = arhythm[/itex]

    Replace [itex]hy = i[/tex]:
    [itex]arithm = arithm[/itex]

    Take the log of both sides again and you're done:
    [itex]logarithm = logarithm[/itex]

    :tongue: :eek: :biggrin: :rolleyes: :uhh:
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