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Help with solving O.D.E

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    Is, sin(y) + xy - x^3=2, an implicit soln to the 2nd order ODE y''= {6xy' + (y')^3 * sin(y) - 2(y')^2}/ (3x^2 - y)?
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    Have you tried it? If [itex]sin(y) + xy - x^3=2[/itex] then [itex]cos(y)y'+ y+ xy'- 3x^2= 0[/itex]. Differentiating again, [itex]-sin(y)(y')^2+ cos(y)y''+ 2y'+ xy''- 6x= 0[/itex].

    You can you those to see if the differential equation is satisfied or not.
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