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Help with spinner problem

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    I just got an ti89 and I have to solve a problem where you have to simulate spinning an 8 sided spiner (numbered 1-8) 100 times and give a visual representation. How can you do that?
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    Write a program. Set up a matrix or 8 variables to store 1...8 in, and put it in a loop that runs 100 times.

    Do you know TI-Basic? It's not too hard if you do. I'm not accustomed to the TI-93, unfortunately; it's easy enough to do on my TI-83+.

    For a visual, you could graph points to make a basic chart. If you were feeling really creative and had some time and skills, a pie chart would be nice. :tongue:
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    I know nothing about programming a calculator but I would imagine that you'd have to use some function that serves as a random number generator. Most programming languages have a RANDOM (l,u) function or some such function that does this.
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