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Homework Help: Help with supernode question

  1. Oct 15, 2008 #1
    need help to solve this problem using node analysis

    find the power deliverd by the dependent voltage source


    need to use node voltage analysis

    i tried using this equation: (v1-160)/10 + (v1/100) + (v1-150 Io)/ 20

    but it looks like the ans is wrong
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    There are two resistors in the branch containing the dependent source: 20 ohm and 30 ohm.
    The current Io is a function of V1 and the 100 ohm resistor.
    Finally, you must write a zero in the second term of your equation.
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    you mean my equation will look like this:

    (v1-160)/10 + (v1/100) + (v1-150 Io)/ 20 = 0

    Io - v1/100

    then what about my constraint equation? i really dunno how to do it
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    You should have
    (v1-160)/10 + (v1/100) + (v1-150 Io)/ 50 = 0
    Io = -v1/100

    What constraint equation?
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    i use this equation (v1-160)/10 + v1/100 + (v1-150 io)/50 = 0


    io = -v1/100

    my v1 = 100V and io = -1A

    need to find the power in the dependant source... but it seems with this equation i cannot get the ans....

    the actual ans is 750W from electric circuit 8th edition by nillsson riedel
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    What is the voltage of the dependent source?
    What is the current delivered by that source?
    p = VI.
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