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Help with test coming up

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    This isn't homework, it isn't due, it's just what my test will look like on Friday. If somebody could just tutor (or any help) me and show how to do these types of problems step by step, it would be greatly appreciated, I would give you lots of love if I could.

    Here's the link: http://www.box.net/shared/0tognfxi2g
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    Are there any particular questions you are having trouble with?
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    All of them. Hah
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    Well, good luck with that test!
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    You should probably write down the question, show some attempt at it, say where you are stuck and people will give you hints.
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    You ask this forum for help 2 days before the exam? If you cannot answer any of the questions in that practice test, but truely want to give a genuine attempt to pass the test, may I suggest cramming into your maths textbook?
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