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Help with the numerical method of characteristics

  1. Sep 4, 2011 #1
    I have a system of first order pdes of the form
    dm/dt+f(m,n,a)dm/dx = g1(m,n,a),
    dn/dt+f(m,n,a)dn/dx = g2(m,n,a),
    da/dt+f(m,n,a)da/dx = g3(m,n,a).
    (those d's are partials)

    I want to solve them with the numerical MOC's so I put dx/dt = f(m,n,a), dm/dt = g1(m,n,a) etc and solve this sytem of 4 odes with the explicit euler method. I don't think I'm doing it properly though because my solution is way too different from the one I got using the upwinding method. I'm also not sure how to treat the moving bounday... in fact i'm not really sure about any of it so if someone could help me out/point me towards an appropriate book or website i would be really grateful.

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