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Help with these problems please!

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    help....with these problems please!

    hi, could someone please help me with these? i would really appreciate it!!!

    1) We state that the ideal gas law tends to hold best at low pressures and high tempuratures.Show how the Van der Waal's equation simplifies to the ideal gas law under these conditions.

    2) Consider separate 1.00 L samples of Ar (g), both containing the same number of moles, on at 27 degrees C and the other at 77 degrees C. Compare the change in momentum per impact and the number of impacts per second in the 2 samples.
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    Hi lily.
    Let me help you with the first question.
    What is van der waals equation?{(P-a/V^2)(V-b)=RT}
    What do a & b represent??Why did van der waal make these changes??
    If you are still unable to solve it,Read : thermodynamics,Gas equation,Van der waals equation .
    hope to have been of help.
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    Thanks poolwin2001 for reminding Van der Waals' famous equation. Lilly, there has to be another equation in which pressure and impact-related values are present.
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