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Help with these problems

  1. Oct 18, 2003 #1
    I need heo with these problems , they are all about renormalization.
    I wanted to study renormalization at university but the quantum field theory we gave did not include it in the program , so i got a curiosity aobut it, i have tried to study it by dowloading works but it was useless i could not understand them because their high math level, i think i undertand the purpose of it but not the math methods used in that so perhaps i think that if you ehlp me to ovecome these problems with exampels i will understand beter:

    a)Let be The Lagrangian L=L0+gLint with g being the coupling constant and Hint=f**2-3f**2 being f the field ...is it renormalizable.

    b)Let,s suppose we have the Lagrangian L0+g'Lint (different from above one), and let ,s suppose is not renormalziable due to g'.but that we try to renormalize it by using the renormalization group method..what would be theri equations?..what are the results of these equations?...
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